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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Praying for America
Patrick Sipperly | 4/17/12
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Do you pray for your country? Is the United States of America, her leadership and direction, a regular part of your conversation with God? For the world's sake, I hope it is. America is a very special nation; a conduit of blessings to every corner of the globe, regardless of what is taught in our public school system.

For the last few months I've felt the need to pray for the USA as though we'd entered a unique window of opportunity with the Almighty. A pivotal moment for us to say to this mountain, “be thou removed into the sea,” and it will happen! Not because God has changed or we are different people somehow. But because of the darkness around us. I believe NOW is the time for us Bible believing Christians to pray for the unrighteous to fall backward and for the godly to rise up! And if we do pray that way, we WILL see AMAZING things take place.

If you see America in decline as I do, can you also see that if God's people will diligently pray for her to repent and change, that she will? I do! In my spirit, I believe that God is desirous to do great, mighty, even terrible things if his people call upon his name!

Are you familiar with King Josiah of the Old Testament? 2 Kings 22-23 tells of that remarkable man who lived in the shadow of approaching destruction. God was determined to destroy Judah because of the wickedness of previous kings (Josiah's father and grandfather). When Josiah heard the word of God, and the prophesy of coming destruction, Josiah tore his clothes in repentance and commanded all of Judah to repent. Almighty God was so moved, he postponed judgment until after the death of Josiah.

America may be headed for destruction because of rampant sin and wickedness in high places, but I believe we can turn to God now and postpone judgment just as Josiah did.

This is a year of decision; an election year. But let's not focus on right-left, Republican or Democrat ideology. America is more important than politics and parties. I'm not praying for God to bless a candidate; rather I'm encouraging us to pray that candidates repent and seek the Lord and his Word.

Laughing yet? Don't! Is anything too hard for God?

Not only did God roll back the waters of the Red Sea for his people, but drowned the enemy! (Exodus 14)

Jericho's walls fell without being touched by man's hands or weapons of war (Joshua 6).

By the request of one man, the sun and moon stood still (Joshua 10:12-14).

If God's people call upon the Lord, he will answer in mighty ways! We can make a difference in our generation!

How To Pray For America

1. First, we all need to understand our own individual importance to God. Each of us can make a difference no matter our social status, age, appearance, income level or abilities. We all matter! Our prayers count! God hears and will respond! A man with faith is never at the mercy of a man with only an argument or opinion.

2. Next, let's be be honest about our relationship with the Lord. If we have sin in our lives or too much of the world in our heart, it's time we repent and return to our first love. We cannot  secretly harbor sin in our lives and have power with God at the same time. And if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15-17). It's the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man that availeth much (James 5:16)

3. Consider adding this to your prayer schedule every day:

Ask for a hunger and a thirst for righteousness for yourself, your family, your community and your country. The blessings of God are upon the righteous; his wrath is upon the wicked.

Ask for the removal of unrighteous, unwise leaders at every level of government and authority. If leaders won't repent and govern wisely, they should be removed. I'm not suggesting we grab our guns and hit the streets. A leader can be removed by any number of ways (misconduct, investigation, poor performance, vote, illness, relocation, etc., ) I suggest we pray and leave the details to God.

Ask for the rise of righteous, wise leaders. Pray that God will place and guide these leaders through the minefield laid by the forces of darkness. They and their families need our prayers.

Ask for a change of heart within the news media. May they submit to true reporting. If not, may the public turn against them. May every attempt to push an ungodly agenda be stopped. May every attempt to undermine wise candidates and leaders backfire. May these entities go bankrupt.

Ask for spiritual victory within our military. May every service member feel the love and protection of God and the support of the country.

Ask for election fraud to be discovered, reported on, and discounted.

Be specific! Be courageous in prayer! Expect great things! Pray and thank God for what he is doing!
Expect the Lord to lead you to pray for other areas in your community and sphere of influence. God may lead you to pray for certain judges, school board officials, business leaders, community causes, etc., Instead of bombing a Planned Parenthood building where infants are murdered, pray for a complete change of heart that turns the building into a center for adoption.

I believe this is how to pray for America now. Pray for America with a childlike faith and expectation. Remember the wild imaginations we had as kids? We believed anything was possible! If we only look at our abilities as men and women, then this is all a joke. But if we get outside of ourselves and take on God's perspective, then all things are possible.

America can change her course! Consider being part of those who will make that change possible through prayer, fasting and courageous action in Jesus' name!

Patrick Sipperly is a video producer, author, and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He writes for the Christian Home Church website.
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